Our Story

Our family business began its adventure in 2018. Party hire was not the path we ever thought we would go down, although the thought of putting the smile on children's faces it seemed rewarding! Our 2 children are very involved as they test to ensure the jumping castles are always bouncy.

A little about ourselves; My wife Jackie is studying at university to become a teacher, while working fulltime and involving herself in our family operated business on weekends. 

Myself (Peter) I completed my diploma of justice to continue into the police academy, I took a turn and have been driving trucks for the past 7 years which I still do today.

Glenn has also had a career of driving trucks, some of the longest loads you would find on our roads and has been driving trucks for 35 plus years.

Sharon is a very hard worker, she loves to keep busy and has always been committed to any job throughout her working life. She also has a fulltime job and when she gets a chance, she will make sure we are doing ours.

Our mission everyday is to provide a service that is not seen as often as it should. We like to have fast one on one response to your questions and bookings, you can call us directly if that is easier for you!

We service Brisbane, Ipswich and all surrounding areas. If you're unsure that we operate in your area, please get in touch and we will do what we can to accommodate you. Our fixed prices are set for a 25 kilometer radius of Forest Lake.

We try to be as flexible as possible and our service areas are not rigidly set in stone.

Even social distancing shouldn’t ruin anyone’s fun. You need to make the proper precautions of course, and we are up to date on that. We can even help to educate you beforehand.

Our equipment is also sanitized after each use to ensure hygiene and your safety. 

We believe that parties are for all times in life. They’re also even for the hard patches that the world goes through. Our backyard parties will have you out enjoying your life again, like you are meant to.

That means that we hand you the snow cones with gloves on but also with a huge smile.

If you feel a little blue after all this quarantining, why not book yourself a socially distancing party to cheer up your spirits?

One of the main things that we wanted to achieve was to ensure that families were not priced out of the market if they wanted to hire a castle for a child’s party or other celebration.

These are some of our favorite events to take part in because it is so nice to see people getting together and enjoying themselves. If you are planning a community event, then please contact us for details of the discounts we offer for these events.

We Cater too!

If you are having a party, then the jumping castle is not the only piece of equipment that we can provide.

In order to reduce the pressure on you, we are able to take care of dessert options so you can concentrate on the rest of the party food.

We have a popcorn machine that is always a huge hit, and we can also provide fairy floss and snow cones. Having tasty treats such as these available is just one more way that you can make your party or event one that your guests will always remember.

We’d be ecstatic if you gave our service a try. We want to help to create a memory for you that can last a lifetime.

If you like the parties, why not refer us to your friends? Your kids will enjoy going to the neighbor’s house for a party as well.

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